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About us

ELEV8 Architecture is a boutique architectural firm that specializes in large mixed-use developments with a residential core.  Our entire client base is from first hand recommendations and repeat clients which is a testament to the value we bring to each job with our vision, project conceptualization, and attention to detail.  The nimble firm does not have a true home address as the staff is spread across the country, similar to our expanse of projects.


Michael J. Conroe, AIA LEED AP


Michael’s greatest attribute is seeing potential in all that he does, whether it be an existing building, empty site or most recently how to structure an architectural firm. He is steadfast on breaking the norm of what the role of the architect has become. Michael believes that architects shouldn’t sit back and wait to be contacted to design a project. Rather they should be instrumental in bringing projects to be. Through this belief that architects should be more than designers he has worked as an owner, investor, developer and builder which has allowed him to thrive in each role and develop close relationships in each of the fields. Its these relationships that are the lifeblood that sustains Elev8.


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When Michael isn't tearing through rolls of yellow trace paper you can find him on a boat or skiing down a mountain.




Kosar’s dedication to her craft is unmatched in her field. Single family homes that feature expansive outdoor amenities, particularly in colder climates, is where she focuses the majority of her effort. Home security is her true specialty as the residents of her homes need not worry about an intruder, rodent or vermin in the property let alone on the grounds. No squirrel is able to roam the grounds of her properties without the sternest of warnings.

When Kosar isn't napping you can find her spinning in circles chasing her tail.


Rachel Mordaunt


Throughout her career, Rachel has gained expertise in a variety of projects including mixed-use multi-family housing, small scale residential, education, healthcare, office design, and interiors. Rachel is involved in all aspects of a project from conceptual design all the way through to construction administration. She is responsible for CAD/BIM based architectural design drawings and project coordination, providing clear and concise communication to clients and consultants. Her background in ecological practices continues to inspire environmentally conscious design in current projects.


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When Rachel isn't chained to her desk she is planning her next adventure around the world.


Big Chuck


Chuck has a lot of expertise in the comforts of life. His creativity is his strong suit as he always thinks outside the box (or sometimes inside a box) when designing lounge spaces. His first-hand experience in finding the most unique places to take an afternoon catnap translates into his many projects. Any client can be sure to have a well-thought-out design with careful consideration to sunlight, heat sources, cozy nooks, and expansive views to the outdoors for optimal nature-viewing.

In between catnaps and fancy feasts, you can find Chuck bathing in the sun and birdwatching.




After starting out down the wrong track Duncan decided to invest in himself and worked through some training courses, this perseverance and dedication is what led him to where he is now.  He has come into his role as one of the most vocal participants on the ELEV8 team, making sure everyone knows what is on his mind. Duncan’s instinctive work ethic coupled with his ability to limit distractions has turned him into one of the most efficient pieces within our family.

When Duncan isn't at the park, hes usually laying next to his bowl waiting to be fed.

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Nicholas Sylvies, Assoc. AIA


Nick joined the ELEV8 team in 2020 and has earned his Bachelor of Architecture & Planning from the University at Buffalo in 2019. He enjoys working on a wide range of projects but has a primary focus on residential work with sustainability aspects. He decided to pursue a career in architecture because it has the potential to address modern problems which include environmental and cultural issues. With over 7 years of contracting experience Nick has been able to easily transform conception into reality and has the ability to provide clients with space that’s not only functional but beautiful.


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When Nick gets up from his workstation you can find him at the local ice rink.

Joy Paragliding.jpeg

Joy Geraci


Joy’s has an unrelenting passion for developing, cultivating, and strengthening relationships with clients. The past 25 years her career has focused on leading her teams by example with her work ethic and commitment to serving others, which has ultimately lead her to Elev8. This commitment is further exemplified with her serving honorably as an aviation specialist in the armed forces with the Utah National Guard, serving from Utah to Japan. This dedication to others, over self, comes from her families long proud history of military service and aviation specialties.


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Even though Joy may now reside in New York, her heart will always be in Utah.




Riddick prides himself on personal relationships…..when clients, contractors and owners meet him for the first time, traditionally they become lifetime fans.  His boundless energy and genuine enthusiasm when a new face enters the room is a testament to the foundation of the relationships he forms. He has a keen eye and insists that every detail is perfect prior to receiving his approval.  Over his many years he has earned the right to take a moment for himself so please don’t judge him if you find him napping under his heating blanket in the corner during work hours.

When Riddik isn't diligently working, hes usually laying on his bed under a heated blanket


Stephanie Clark, AIA LEED AP

SLC- New.jpg

Stephanie’s lifelong pursuit of knowledge enable her to constantly evolve and bring new ideas to the table. She shows up each day eager to develop new projects and inclusive design initiatives that strengthen the surrounding communities.  Her work with local area non-profits exemplifies her desire to show up, be present and bring great service to each organization. Recent projects completed range from multi-family housing and small scale residential to corporate interior renovations, successfully collaborating with a variety of clients to bring their visions to life. 


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When Steph isn’t deep in her workflow mode she is daydreaming of her future tiny cabin in the woods.